White Paper: The Role Of Optometry In Population Health Management

With 100 million patient encounters each year, optometrists stand at the forefront of engaging patients, detecting signs of systemic disease early and Improving population health through collaboration with other healthcare providers.


Three Reasons to Join Vision Source

Patient Growth

Patient referrals through integrated medical networks.

Customized Marketing products and solutions.

Patient Demographic and market analysis.

National Buying Power

Pre-negotiated best in industry pricing from Elite vendors.

Exclusive ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, frames and managed.

Cash Flow & Rebates.

Practice Optimization

Staff training and incentive programs.

Local mentorship and networking.

Practice management consulting and training.

Continuing Education for Doctors and Staff (Live & Online)

The Plan Works: See What Our Members are Saying

"Vision Source® has a vested interest in my practice."

Teshawna Sutton, OD
London, KY
Teshawna Sutton, OD

"Vision Source® is out there to preserve the future of independent optometry."

Keith B. Nice, OD
Burlington, NC
Keith B. Nice, OD